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I have to admit I haven’t watched a lot of gay porn but watching this was a turn on. It has a plot and makes storylines out of sexual situations wither it is school, or work or camping and it is all in good taste and good fun. The fresh men are handsome and have a wild look about them as well a innocent look too. The manner of which the sex comes about is right in line with any other gay porn site and giving in to any aspect is exciting and erotic. The sex acts them selves are very lustful. It could make a woman especially one who likes anal sex or a man want to be right in the middle of it. The orgies are another thing to want to be a part of and it is a real turn on watching and waiting for the guy behind to reach around and jerk off the one getting pounded in the ass.

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The story lines are good. Makes it interesting from the beginning and makes it erotic. “Yoga Thunder” which is about a couple doing yoga then going back to their place and having sex is a good video. Very seductive and attractive. The Zac and Scotty shows are good. The nature of the couples who are truly couples are a plus for this site. It makes it feel more romantic and not just a hook up. Although to my disappointment unless I missed it I didn’t see any with both cocks in one another’s ass at the same time and you know that is always looked for. The thing about porn is that its plainly watching people have sex wither its with them selves or others. Its seeing their cocks hanging out and pussy spread wide. In this case their ass spread wide open. Why not. The men are nice looking and they seem to know how to get each other off.

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With 20 models and 2323 videos and counting this website could be a top rated gay porn site. With its very neat and clean cute men and some pretty good story lines. With 18 categories to choose from and 21 pages of movies to choose from. They range from 69 to bareback and double penetration to gang bangs, with a lot of other stuff never really seen before along the way. The Helix store of full of novelty items and they have a twitter account so you can tweet about them as well as order merchandise ranging from cloths to porn videos. Some for under $10. They have posters of your favorite hunky guys for under $20 and you can get a dildo for your pleasure for also under $20. You will also get access to other video purchasing sites such as Spankthis, Latinstuds, and Staxus. All with a very large assortment of movies to buy. Movies that you can watch from your desktop, laptop, Roku, or tablet at anytime. You can get your Twink fix or turn on someone else for your Each for your pleasure, each to help you either get aroused o someone you are with could become aroused.


The is a very sexual site and you can enjoy it for only $9.95for unlimited streaming each month but it does get a little more expensive for downloads which could cast as much as $29.95 for the first month and for 3 months of streaming and downloads the cost is $69.95. Which isn’t all bad because remember you have 24/7 access and that includes the movie store. You can pay by credit card or check and it is very discrete. You will not see anything on your package to indicate what is inside. So if you like what you find on this site get you a video and share with your friends. But first start your membership and have a good time.

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